Born in Serbia in 1991, Darko is a contemporary artist of the younger generation. In his early childhood, during the war in Yugoslavia, his family were forced to move to South Africa, whose citizen is also. After returning to Serbia he studied at the Secondary Art School as sculptor and enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, where he improved his passion for painting. His oils and watercolours invite you to question the essence of our existence. The depth and weight in his work shows true understanding of subject, renowned as personal interpretation of life and love.

He had numerous exhibitions worldwide, where he has been acknowledged and rewarded for his excellent work and contribution to contemporary art. We sing main prize at the XVII Biennial of Serbian student drawings in Belgrade, Academy of Arts in Novi Sad awarded him for the best artwork in painting discipline, bronze medal at international art exibition in Cultural Center of Sao Paulo, Brasil. Darko lives and works in Belgrade (Serbia), he is member of ULUS and UVUU associations of artists.